An author debut in the middle of a pandemic is an odd move. Thanks to an amazing community, the experience was very positive. Over the last 14 months, I grew immensely as a writer and person. With much help, I published about 30 articles, 9 poems, 2 movie reviews, and 1 book. My gratitude is boundless for the relationships, connections, and stories that blossomed. To family and friends, thanks for your patience and support.

As is the nature of online writing, the work is scattered across the internet. I compiled a list for quick reference. Of the essays, I listed ones that received warm responses and were especially fun to write.


Mobius: Meditations on Home


love poem for sappho

equitable distribution of love

Aria, No. 7 

How I Might Be Spectacularly Wrong

Proof Of Life, No. 3 




the rebellion of sisyphus 

Movie Reviews


Murphy Reprises Role In Coming 2 America


Along Confederate Tracks

Chasing Trains: A Bonding Tradition for Father and Son

The Wisdom of Tom

A Writer’s Writer

Finding Hope In Art

My Brief Prison Education

The complete essay list is here.

What’s next?

My creative attention is trending towards more art and poetry. I experiment with acrylic painting. I am in “the early works” phase, when things are a mess, but the focus is fun. With writing, I plan to publish a poetry chapbook. I also want to republish the essays into book form for easy reading.

What else?

This year I became involved with two educational organizations with unique STEM missions. I also connected with communities of scholars and learners who focus on comprehensive education. The interactions have encouraged me to refine my approach to learning, teaching, and creating.

STEM Flights

Civil Air Patrol

52 Living Ideas – Shrikant Rangnekar, New York City

The DaVinci Network – Waqas Ahmed, United Kingdom

Polymath’s Place – Dr. Angela Cotellessa, Washington, D.C.

In Culmination

I decided to concentrate efforts by resuming academic studies. I will be a graduate student at Shenandoah University this fall, and my focus is Organizational Leadership.

Last yet not least, I am glad to say chess club is resuming. The restart is slow, yet it feels good to reconnect with the chess community.

Please email me at with questions on the above information.

Thanks very much for reading and your support.