Dr. Diane Schnoor is a brilliant friend and childhood education expert. We worked together on behalf of a regional children’s museum for many years. She invited me on her podcast for an expansively delightful conversation about “choosing your own adventure” through a lens of poetry, history, aerospace, and more.
My favorite part of our conversation was learning about meteorologist Archie Williams.
In 1936 Archie Williams was an Olympic Gold Medalist and teammate of the legendary athlete Jesse Owens. Following this achievement, Mr. Williams earned an engineering degree and pursued new paths in aviation, meteorology, and computer science. Today, a high school in San Anselmo, California bears his name to recognize his many contributions as a teacher. His story is a testament to lifelong discovery and the human spirit.
You can listen to our talk here:
Thank you, Diane, for keeping all of us inspired.
~ W.D.H.