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Author and Educator Virginia, USA

Writing The Land: On Poetry and Place

Writing The Land is a poetry project collaboration between poets and protected lands. I was invited to participate to write poems in support of environmental conservancy for 2024. I was paired with Bull Run Mountains Natural Area Preserve. This protected area forms the southern range of the Blue Ridge mountains on the tri-border of [...]

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A Strategic Plan for Chess in Shenandoah Valley 2024-2029

Great news to share: I have resumed chess teaching and organizing on a weekly basis in the Shenandoah Valley. I am also completing a master's degree in organizational leadership at Shenandoah University. Being part of the SU community has been amazing, and with the much support from faculty and friends, I am glad to [...]

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Published Work & Interviews

Books "​​​Death Throes of the Broken Clockwork Universe" | Atmosphere Press (2022) "Mobius: Meditations on Home" | Amazon (2020) Poetry "Writing The Land Anthology: A Collaboration between Poets and Protected Lands" | (Forthcoming 2024) "Aria, No 4" | Movable Type: Issue 13, The StoryFest Live, 1455 Literary Arts (2023) "World Without Gymnopédies" | Movable Type: [...]

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Upcoming Events & Reviews

UPCOMING EVENTS Sept 9, 2023            at Lyceum, Alexandria, VA Sept 9, 2023            at NAACP Winchester Area Freedom Banquet, Front Royal, VA More to come. . . PAST READINGS & INTERVIEWS  Atmosphere Press Presents: A Lyric Reading Not Aware of Their Own Beautiful Existence Quintessential [...]

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Adventures in Learning with Dr. Diane Schnoor

Dr. Diane Schnoor is a brilliant friend and childhood education expert. We worked together on behalf of a regional children's museum for many years. She invited me on her podcast for an expansively delightful conversation about "choosing your own adventure" through a lens of poetry, history, aerospace, and more. My favorite part of our [...]

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New Book: Death Throes of the Broken Clockwork Universe

BOOK LAUNCH & AUTHOR EVENT Saturday, October 8 4:00 - 6:00 pm Winchester Book Gallery 7 N Loudoun Street Winchester, VA 22601 HOW TO PURCHASE Death Throes of the Broken Clockwork Universe is available for pre-order at most places where books are sold: Winchester Book Gallery Bookshop.org Barnes & Noble Amazon Atmosphere Press PRAISE [...]

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2022: Mid-year Review

I made only one New Year's resolution: to memorize a poem entitled The Builders by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. I reflect on its wisdom for inner balance amid days of dynamic change. The first two stanzas begin: All are architects of Fate, Working in these walls of Time; Some with massive deeds and great, Some with [...]

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The Dillydoun Review | Poetry

I am grateful to share two poems published this fall. "Notes To A Young Poet" is featured in October 2021 | Issue 9 of The Dillydoun Review. A second poem "Fernweh" was featured on TDR Daily on September 17th. Thank you very much to TDR for the generous encouragement and opportunity. These poems will [...]

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Echo of Mercy: A Micro Story

Misericorde in hand, the zealot inspects the mortally wounded crusader. In every direction, the sacrosanct fallen cover the battlefield. Only the lucky ones died swiftly, faithfully as ordered, for the Holy City. The zealot considers taking this crusader prisoner. But with black flies feasting on his ghastly open wounds, nothing could save him. Not [...]

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Dream Screen: A Micro Story

"Hacking human memory", the cyborg scientist said, "is different from repeating a story of past events." Cables fed biometric signals from the unconscious prisoner into supercomputers. The child lay in unwakeable sleep. "We must reanimate her past through real time simulation. Only then will we pinpoint exactly what transpired." The surprise attack crippled the [...]

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