Upcoming Events in 2024

COMING SOON August 14, 2024                 Virginia Voices (virtual) | 5:30 pm More to come. . . PAST READINGS & TALKS Shenandoah Valley Poetry Collective, Wayside Inn (2024) Night Light poetry reading series #10 (2024) Juneteenth, Sully Historic Site (2024) In The Round: A Jazz Poetry Experience, Drum [...]

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Published Work & Interviews

Updated: July 2024 Books Metamorphosis | (Forthcoming 2025) ‚Äč‚ÄčDeath Throes of the Broken Clockwork Universe¬†|¬†Atmosphere Press (2022) Mobius: Meditations on Home¬†| Amazon (2020) Poetry "Aerials" "Zazen at Paterson Falls" | Avalon Literature & Arts Magazine, Shenandoah University (2024) "Aria, No 4" | Movable Type: Issue 13, The StoryFest Live, 1455 Literary Arts (2023) "World [...]

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Veterans Poetry: Part One

Audio Poetry: Sonora Keys View by Wayne David Hubbard Story: I carry gardens inside of me.  Twenty years ago, it was spring in Iraq. And there was a war. A patch of yellow blooms sprouted near a concrete wall inside my barricaded compound. Between work breaks of filling sandbags and burning waste, [...]

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Bull Run Mountains: A Storied History

Audio Poetry: Proof of Life, No. 4 The End of Longing by Wayne David Hubbard Essay: I have lost count of the open meadows, woodlands, and farms leveled into new housing and commercial developments. The speed of change in a few short years have rendered whole landscapes unrecognizable.  Last year I joined [...]

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In The Round: A Jazz Poetry Experience

Saturday, May 11 | 7:30 pm Drum Orpheum Rehearsal Hall Winchester, Virginia Tickets: Events | Drum Orpheum Rehearsal Hall Info: Jazz and poetry come together in an improvisational spoken word and musical performance. This collaboration will happen in-the-round at Drum Orpheum, Winchester's new performing space, owned and operated by jazz drummer Daniel Kelly II. MC:  [...]

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Writing The Land: On Poetry and Place

Writing The Land is a poetry project collaboration between poets and protected lands. I was invited to participate to write poems in support of environmental conservancy for 2024. I was paired with Bull Run Mountains Natural Area Preserve. This protected area forms the southern range of the Blue Ridge mountains on the tri-border of [...]

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A Strategic Plan for Chess in Shenandoah Valley 2024-2029

Great news to share: I have resumed chess teaching and organizing on a weekly basis in the Shenandoah Valley. I am also completing a master's degree in organizational leadership at Shenandoah University. Being part of the SU community has been amazing, and with the much support from faculty and friends, I am glad to [...]

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Adventures in Learning with Dr. Diane Schnoor

Dr. Diane Schnoor is a brilliant friend and childhood education expert. We worked together on behalf of a regional children's museum for many years. She invited me on her podcast for an expansively delightful conversation about "choosing your own adventure" through a lens of poetry, history, aerospace, and more. My favorite part of our [...]

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New Book: Death Throes of the Broken Clockwork Universe

BOOK LAUNCH & AUTHOR EVENT Saturday, October 8 4:00 - 6:00 pm Winchester Book Gallery 7 N Loudoun Street Winchester, VA 22601 HOW TO PURCHASE Death Throes of the Broken Clockwork Universe is available for pre-order at most places where books are sold: Winchester Book Gallery Bookshop.org Barnes & Noble Amazon Atmosphere Press PRAISE [...]

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2022: Mid-year Review

I made only one New Year's resolution: to memorize a poem entitled The Builders by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. I reflect on its wisdom for inner balance amid days of dynamic change. The first two stanzas begin: All are architects of Fate, Working in these walls of Time; Some with massive deeds and great, Some with [...]

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