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“The passion and creativity reflected in this poetry collection’s unusual title continues to shine in the works within… Each poem is a microcosm of self that expands outward to connect with the universe. Each is like a nova that becomes a black hole, reaching out with explosive force and then collapsing into a quieter form of contemplation from which all emotion (and the sense of self) cannot escape.” — D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

“Hubbard focuses on the universal and familiar topics from a new angle, without regurgitating standard ideas but instead breathing new life into subjects in such an evocative way that readers can connect with the unknown or an unseen layer of the familiar.”Literary Titan

“Experiencing this collection is akin to moving through the quiet isles of an art exhibition, welcoming you to spend as much time as you like with each piece, undemanding and relaxed.” — Joshua Ryan Bligh, Independent Book Review

“A strong, spare, quiet, thoughtful book of poetry that will convey warmth to the reader even when it considers difficult subject matter. This book makes clear the poet’s love of verse, and the poet’s love of love, which is probably the most important subject.” — Dan Gutstein, American writer and vocalist

“Wayne David Hubbard is a poet with a rare gift: that of speaking volumes and volumes between the simple lines of even the shortest of his works. 5 stars.” – K.C. Finn, Reader’s Favorite