“Hacking human memory”, the cyborg scientist said, “is different from repeating
a story of past events.”

Cables fed biometric signals from the unconscious prisoner into supercomputers.
The child lay in unwakeable sleep.

“We must reanimate her past through real time simulation. Only then will we pinpoint
exactly what transpired.”

The surprise attack crippled the empire’s defense. The final blow imminent. This young
rebel’s memory held the key answers to how the unthinkable succeeded.

“Why aren’t the micro sensors penetrating?”, the cyborg roared.

Legend has it that a child seeing a rainbow in her dream broke mankind free from slavery.


My challenge was to write a science-fiction story of 100 words in 24 hours. The story had to include a theme of “seeing a rainbow” and the word “micro”. The rest was imagination. “Dream Screen” finished 9th in group for Round 1 of the NYC Midnight 100-Word Microfiction Challenge.


“Cyborg” by Bohman is licensed under CC BY 2.0