The October book launch came and went rapidly. The warm reception from family, friends, and writing community has been tremendous. I would like to say thank you to friends at the Winchester Book Gallery for hosting the launch of my debut book. Thank you to friends who masked up, socially distanced, and celebrated in person.
Mobius: Meditations On Home is available for purchase on Amazon.

In November I met “virtually” with writers, poets, and friends at 1455 Literary Arts and Hideaway Cafe, Winchester. We celebrated the written word and creativity through the pandemic as well as my new book. See the video replay on their website.
I am deeply grateful to 1455 Executive Director Sean Murphy, Joseph Jablonski (The Walking Mall Poet), Jessi Lewis and fellow local writers for the honor of being featured. I have most enjoyed the meaningful conversations with friends and new acquaintances on what home means to them.
Reflecting on 2020, it seems evident that the most important story of the year is home. This celebration was a bright moment in an unforgettable year.
I hope all are safe and where they need to be. Again, thanks for the love and support.
We shall be out of this pandemic soon. In the meantime, please be well and take care!