It’s amazing what happens when you share…

I did a live reading on my personal Facebook page three weeks ago. The response was very positive. I received many messages to share more. So I gave it thought and this is what followed:

I shared my short story about COVID with a media group called The Good Men Project. It is entitled The Jump. They loved it and invited me to be a columnist. Starting Sunday June 21, I will publishing weekly under the column name — Wayne David.

What will I write for The Good Men Project?

I will share short pieces from my experience in fatherhood, veteran life, race, relationships, and history. I can write much more, yet these centrifugal forces touch every aspect of my daily life. I hope they are enlightening for anyone who takes time to read. These writings could also turn into a new book.

What else is new?

Also in these three weeks, I have had more conversations than ever in my life. It’s been weeks of phone calls, emails, text messages, and face-to-face.

That is hard work for this introvert. Yet these conversations have been illuminating and healing. Some conversations are very challenging. I am listening and accepting feedback in a new way. Every moment has been worth it.

Much like the columnist development, new collaborations are afoot beyond what I could have predicted. That leads to this next move…

Sharing new Facebook page

To help manage, I started a new Facebook page. As I continue to write and create prodigiously, this will simply make sharing easier.

You can follow the new page here.

Like everything, it will start small. With consistency, I hope it will grow into something meaningful.

Thanks again for your encouragement these past weeks.

You can always reach out with questions, comments, or suggestions. And if we haven’t had a conversation yet, I look forward to it.

Let’s keep going and have a great day.

W. D. H.