“The writer must write what he has to say, not speak it.” 

~ Ernest Hemingway

I have the above Hemingway quote engraved on a mantel piece that sits atop my desk.

Another mantra which I repeat to myself often? “If I have time to talk about writing, I have time to actually do it.”

Fortunately, I submit this article with clear conscience. Each week I am publishing a column. You can find my latest at the Good Men Project.

Building my “chops”

When I was a boy, my music teacher made me rehearse complex scales to “build my chops” as a trumpet player. Like most students, I much preferred playing actual songs. But my instructor believed this student should a be well-rounded musician. To achieve this mark, I had to work vigorously on elements of music that felt unnatural.

I don’t play music anymore, yet his ethos left its mark. Whether or not column writing is my niche, I know my teacher would agree that any experience that expands my repertoire can only make me stronger.

This one is for you, Mr. Steinhart.

What’s next?

Since I approach writing as an experiment, I decided to self-publish my first book.

The title is Möbius. A möbius is a curved, continuous loop of deceptively simple yet profound dimension. Using this arc, I composed some thoughts about a common subject that all human beings share. The subject of home.

I will release it in October and I am excited.

Also I have a new Instagram account for updates – @WDavidHubbard

You are welcome to follow, if you wish.

Either way, I will share more soon.

Thanks for reading, friends.