Writing The Land is a poetry project collaboration between poets and protected lands. I was invited to participate to write poems in support of environmental conservancy for 2024.

I was paired with Bull Run Mountains Natural Area Preserve. This protected area forms the southern range of the Blue Ridge mountains on the tri-border of Fauquier, Clark, and Prince William Counties. Since 2002 the natural preserve has been under the stewardship of Virginia Outdoors Foundation. It is open to the public on weekends for hiking and preservation activities. The entire place steeped in wild beauty and history.

Writing The Land project is led by Dr. Lis McLoughin, and thanks to her guidance, my poems for Bull Run Mountains will be featured in a 2024 anthology with other poets and lands across the United States. I am delighted to play apart.

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More to come in 2024.


Photo Credit: Hugh Kenny, Bull Run Mountains. Retrieved on 9.20.23 at ​​​History at the Top of Bull Run Mountain – The Piedmont Environmental Council (pecva.org)